Silk Chiffon Scarves


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Silk Chiffon fabrics have a stronger drape and weight than pure silk. An enhanced fabric woven with the chiffon and silk together to create the perfect blended fabric for scarves and dresses.

Wearing & Styling Silk chiffon scarves is effortless due to its phenomenal properties of texture, weight, breathability, flexibility and of course wrinkle resistance.


Wrinkle resistant

Easy care for (spot clean, wash in cold/cold cycle)

Dry by draping, also dryer safe on the “sensitive/wool” cycle.

Additional information

Weight8 oz

Amber 2.0, Beige, Black, Blue 2.0, Burnt Amber 2.0, Dawn 2.0, Dolphin Grey, Flamingo, Henna, Magenta 2.0, Mustard, Peach, Pear, Sage 2.0, Steel Grey 2.0, Taffy Pink, Viola Purple 2.0, White